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    My Student Survey was founded by former teachers and administrators to create a fair, easy and helpful way to collect feedback from students that measures student engagement and the frequency of good teaching practices.  

    Students raise their hands during a class.  

    Visit their website for more detailed information about My Student Survey at: www.mystudentsurvey.com

    What Educators Are Saying About My Student Survey:


    “We selected My Student Survey as a tool to measure student engagement. When we had questions, it was very easy to reach My Student Survey to get them answered. Preparing for administration of the survey was very easy and scheduling and proctoring of the survey went very smoothly. We administered the test to students in grades 3-12. The results/data from the surveys were compiled and returned back to us very quickly. The format of the reports allowed staff to easily interpret the results and, hopefully, in the end will result in improved student achievement.”  

      - Hancock School District, Minnesota


    “These reports are VERY user friendly! I like how it tells you the questions and the percentages, comparisons, and areas of strength/focus. I will be using this information for my planning and practices next year.”

       - Poughkeepsie City School District, New York


    “It made me realize how important good teaching was, it’s not just following a book but these are things that teachers do that really help me learn."

    - Atlanta Public Schools, Georgia

    Member Benefits  

    • Discounted pricing -- average member discount of 45%  
    • Researched validity for measuring student engagement
    • Researched validity for measuring teacher practices that increase student achievement
    • Turn-key student survey administration process for districts making process easy and efficient
    • Technical support and customer service to handle all questions by administrators and teachers quickly
    • Screening procedures to eliminate invalid surveys so only student responses that are fair and purposeful are included in a teacher’s report
    • Detailed feedback report created for teachers, schools and districts that facilitates differentiated teacher professional development and enables effective professional learning communities

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    1.     Go to http://mystudentsurvey.com/pricing and use the promo code: CPC to get the discounted pricing

    2.     Contact Ryan Balch, CEO for My Student Survey at ryanbalch@mystudentsurvey.com or (877) 212-6458.


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