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LEGO Education  
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LEGO Education offers its entire line of preschool related products, both digital and physical resources, which encourage children and students to think creatively, reason systematically and release their full potential. These products are available to participating agencies at negotiated consortium level discounted pricing. 
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How to Order
Members can now order LEGO Education preschool products online through the Express marketplace!
Not using Express? Contact Kevin Bolte. Don't forget to mention that you are a CPC member.
Account Team Contact
Kevin Bolte
Early Learning Account Manager
LEGO® Education
Cell: 860-904-0783
Fax: 888-534-6784
Member Benefits
Exclusive CPC discount of 2% off the list price. CPC is the only consortium to offer a discount on LEGO Education Preschool products!
Company Profile
LEGO® Education offers playful learning experiences and teaching solutions based on the LEGO® system of bricks, curriculum-relevant material, and physical and digital resources. 
LEGO® Education Preschool enables every child to succeed by stimulating children’s curiosity to explore together and learn through play. We offer preschool professionals relevant, hands-on solutions suitable for both free play and playful learning with more structured objectives. Based on the safe LEGO® system and developed in collaboration with educational experts, our solutions engage and enable children to explore the world and discover their own capabilities through effective, playful learning experiences, helping them build fundamental skills for school readiness and for life.