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    This contract is available to all Cooperative Purchasing Connection regions.

    Company Profile

    Mid-State Auto Auction, located in New York Mills, will provide you with an efficient and cost/time saving alternative when selling your organization’s used vehicles and buses.

    Benefits of having Mid-State Auto Auction sell your organization’s unwanted vehicles:

    • No more need to organize a public auction or advertise and try to sell a vehicle on your own!
    • Save time! They can pick up your vehicle, clean it, sell it, and send you a check.
    • Turn your vehicles into cash quicker! Because they have an auction every week where over 4,500 buyers can bid on your vehicle, you can sell your vehicle right away! They also have eight commissioned sales representatives that can hand sell your vehicle six days a week.
    • Fewer fees! Mid-State Auto Auction is an independent dealer auction which means there are no fees for storage, registration, title processing, car washes, no sales, or pre-inspections.
    • Mid-State Auto Auction also serves the government which means they hold public auctions as well as dealer auctions.
    • When selling your vehicle(s) at our auction, you open up the opportunity to actually get more than what you are asking for versus selling it on your own or as a trade-in offer. We encourage you also to set a floor price on the vehicle(s) we are selling for you and are available to assist with setting a value by doing a market report upon your request. Our only goal is to exceed your expectations!

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    Member Benefits

    Members receive a 5% discount on the sellers fee! The sellers fee is determined by the sell price of the vehicle.

    How to Order

    Contact your sales representative listed below for more information.

    Connect with Your Account Team

    Dee Sullivan
    Minnesota Service Cooperative Representative
    Mid-State Auto Auction
    310 Bach Avenue
    New York Mills, MN 56567
    218-385-3232 (fax)
    218-298-0717 (cell)

    Bid Documents

    This contract is the result of a negotiated agreement between Mid-State Auto Auction and the Minnesota Service Cooperatives.