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    Contract AEPA IFB #017-B
    Konica Minolta offfers digital multi-functional device copiers, printers and related services to members at consortium level prices.This contract was established through a Request for Proposal which was competitively solicited, reviewed and awarded by the Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies (AEPA). It was done in accordance with the Municipal Contracting Law M.S. 471.345 Subd. 15 and allows Minnesota members to purchase products from the contract without bidding.
    Company Profile


    Konica Minolta has a new generation of smart-working digital solutions: digital document delivery systems, color printers/copiers, multi-function facsimile machines, micrographic, and electronic publishing components. All digital. All net-workable. All to make your information more powerful, and your people more productive.

    Visit http://kmbs.konicaminolta.us/ to view their full catalog of products available.


    Member Benefits

    Konica Minolta offers members unbeatable pricing on its family of Bizhub and Bizhub PRO copiers and multifunction devices. The contract with Konica Minolta has been developed at the manufacturer level. This allows for you to purchase from and support your local Konica Minolta Dealer while still receiving discounted prices from the manufacturer.


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    All regions may contact our regional sales representative below to be connected with your local dealer.
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