Contract #17.6 – ECM
OPG-3 offers participating agencies a user-friendly enterprise content management solution that is able to image, automate and improve document management capabilities across local education and governmental departments. These products and services are available at consortium level discounted pricing. 
Company Profile
OPG-3, Inc. is a fast-growing Eagan, Minnesota-based company that provides premise-based Laserfiche Electronic Content Management (ECM) solutions. From simple archival and retrieval of documents to electronic business process workflows and electronic forms, OPG-3 delivers agile solutions that are engineered for rapid deployment, superior technical performance, advanced security, and enterprise scalability. OPG-3 offers organizations streamlined digital transformations!
Digitize; Organize; Automate; Streamline; Transform  
Digitize    |   Organize   |   Automate   |   Streamline   |   Transform
Member Benefits
Members receive discounts on Laserfiche software, annual support agreements and professional services.
Account Team
Ivan Franklin | 651-233-5068 | ifranklin@opg-3.com 
Product Demonstration:
Contact Ivan Franklin to schedule a product review or demonstration.