Fargo 3D Printing - Available in Express
Fargo 3D Printing
Fargo 3D Printing offers printers, filament, replacement parts and training
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How to Order
To access your member discount of 5% off the list price for most items, order from Express at www.cpcexpress.org. 
Account team contact info
For more information please call the Cooperative Purchasing Connection staff at
Member benefits
• 5% discount
 Opportunity to work with 3D printing experts
• On-site training available at discounted pricing 
• Know that you are getting the right 3D printer system for your school
Company profile
The 3D printing pros at Fargo 3D Printing will help get your classroom or office up and running with 3D printing. They will help choose the best 3D printers, software, and accessories for your situation. Fargo 3D Printing is also well known for its replacement parts, filament and on-site trainings!  Because they use their products on a daily basis, they can tell you things the manual doesn’t! That will help you get up and 3D printing fast.