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    This contract is available to members in the SW/WC Service Cooperative

    Company Profile

    Bennett Office Technologies is West Central and Southwestern Minnesota's Office Technology Solutions Provider. They offer organizations the opportunity to focus on what they do best by providing Managed Print Services and Total Network Assurance.

    Bennett Office Technologies is the Preferred Vendor of the Cooperative for Managed Print Services.

    Managed Print Services optimizes your print production environment to operate more efficiently and with less hassle. We manage your printing so you never have to worry about it again! 

    With Total Network Assurance, our expert staff at Bennett becomes your IT department increasing your employee productivity and minimizing downtime. 

    For more information on how Managed Print Services and Total Network Assurance can simplify your business processes, contact us today for a free evaluation at 320-235-6425.

    Member Benefits

    •  Members participating in the Managed Print Services program receive complete hardware and networking support on all devices, whether supplied by you, the member organization, or by Bennett.

    •  Bennett manages your entire print production fleet for a cost per imprint flat rate, one rate for black and white pages and a separate rate for color pages. There are no minimum volumes, nor any overage charges. You pay for only those documents you actually produce.

    •  Your internal IT/IS departments no longer have to spend any time addressing printer issues, instead turning those over to Bennett so your IT professionals can concentrate on core issues and initiatives.

    •  Devices and supplies are sourced from Bennett, instead of from multiple other vendors, requiring separate purchase orders and invoices. One vendor, one invoice simplicity.

    •  Bennett’s Managed Print Services gives you simplicity and certainty from a budgetary standpoint.

    •  SW/WC members participating in the Managed Print Services program with Bennett and the Cooperative will receive rebates on their monthly billings, based upon the cumulative page volumes generated by all participants. These rebates range from 2% to 5%. The more participants, the larger the rebates. And smaller entities benefit at the same rate as larger ones.


    How to Order

    Bennett’s Managed Print Services offerings are not one-size-fits-all, but are customized according to your unique environment, needs and demands. Solutions are tailored to your situation.

    The process involves a complete walk-through of your facilities, acquisition of print volume data and locations of devices, and consultation with you regarding what you would like to see happen from a fleet or usage standpoint. Ultimately, we make recommendations on how best to maximize your print production fleet, controlling costs and creating efficiencies in workflow and process.

    To schedule an appointment to visit with a Bennett MPS Consultant, call Dean Bouta, Chief Operating Officer, at 320-214-3802, or email him at dbouta@bennettoffice.com.