Minnesota Clay Co.

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This contract is available to all Cooperative Purchasing Connection regions.

Company Profile

Minnesota Clay Co. USA has been manufacturing clay and clay products for over 50 years and has consistently produced only the finest quality clay. Our proven formulas, experienced personnel and careful selection of raw materials provide our customers with the finest products available and manufactured to the highest standards.

Member Benefits

Discounted pricing has been locked in for our members through December 31, 2014.

A Catalog of pricing is available for members and shows pricing and an easy to use order form. To view the catalog, please login here. Once you are signed in the catalog will be visible on this page. Registration is required for access, for more information about registration please visit here.

How to Order

Submit the MSC Order Form and a PO to Minnesota Clay Co USA by mail, fax or email.

Mail: Minnesota Clay Co USA
2960 Niagara Lane N
Plymouth, MN 55447
Fax: 763-432-7675
Email: mike@mnclay.com

Connect with Your Account Team
Office: 763-432-0875
Toll-Free: 800-252-9872
Fax: 763-432-7675

Your dedicated customer service representative is:
Michael Meyers
Direct Number 763-432-0875 Ext.104
Email: mike@mnclay.com
Bid Documents

This contract was established through a Request for Quotes which was competitively solicited, reviewed and awarded by the Cooperative Purchasing Connection. It was done in accordance with the Municipal Contracting Law M.S. 471.345 Subd. 15 and allows Minnesota members to purchase products from the contract without bidding. 

Bidders’ Responses:

This information is available to any individual service cooperative member upon request by contacting Lisa Truax at 218-739-3273 or at info@purchasingconnection.org.